According to Gartner, "High-profile cyberattacks can create compromises that impact the back office of the HDO and the point of care. As HDOs modernize their infrastructure and refresh aging medical devices with newer, network-connected and programmable replacements, the risk of damage from cyberattacks increases.”

Review the Gartner report and learn more about the key findings: 

  • Many healthcare delivery organization (HDO) CIOs and chief information security officers (CISOs) do not have an up-to-date, complete and accurate inventory of the medical devices within their enterprises, undermining efforts to thwart continuous security threats.
  • Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), a subset of cyber-physical devices, populations are growing in size and diversity within HDOs. This growth drives increased smart device network traffic and the size and complexity of the resulting threat surface.

  • Market solutions that address these issues started with simple discovery and risk scoring and have since matured into full-fledged security protection systems for IoMT populations.