Download the Wireless IoT Security Checklist!

The Smart Casino CIO and CISO Checklist for Wireless IoT Security 

Now that wireless has fast become the new network and attack surface, it has become a daunting task for Gaming and Hospitality CIOs and CISOs to secure every aspect of information security across a Casino. With this checklist, we bring you LOCH’s approach to implementing robust wireless IoT security across a Gaming and Hospitality property, in four steps. 

For Gaming and Hospitality CIOs and CISOs, this checklist provides a well-tested framework for enabling comprehensive and automated IoT monitoring and security, across any variety of wireless devices, operating systems, and protocols, in a dynamic casino environment.

Download our Wireless IoT Security Checklist to learn more, including: 

  • How to gain comprehensive IoT visibility
  • Assessing known vulnerability states
  • Ranking security threats by severity
  • Automating incident response