Retail IoT Security Solutions White Paper

Retail IoT Security Solutions

Managing Cybersecurity in the Marketplace

Digital transformation is revolutionizing every aspect of the retail industry. To win in today’s competitive environment, retailers are building hyper-coordinated digital experiences that drive new value for shoppers. The experiences, themselves, are built from complicated webs of connected people, machines, and devices. 

What are the implications for cybersecurity? Along with innovation, the proliferation of  connected technologies has introduced security gaps and vulnerabilities throughout the product and customer journeys — particularly surrounding wireless IoT devices. 

Download the white paper to learn how retailers can better manage cybersecurity throughout the end-to-end product and customer journey, as they adopt wireless innovation to drive new value. Learn about:

  • The broad and comprehensive set of IoT, IIoT and OT tools and systems that are pervasive across many areas of the retail ecosystem
  • The challenges and opportunities wirelessly enabled associate workflow and customer facing systems, tools, and devices face
  • The current magnitude of the IoT retail attack surface
  • Actionable strategies that retailers can take to protect their IoT retail environment from cyberattacks

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