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Your business is under attack.

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"Invisible" threats at your business may include digital attacks, insider threats, and other subtle forms of disruption that are not immediately obvious or detectable.

AirShield Wireless Airspace Defense is an intelligent, proactive solution to protect mission-critical wireless networks.

It's a comprehensive security platform that intelligently utilizes state-of-the-art software-defined radios to detect and respond to threats that could compromise wireless signals across critical infrastructure.

With this defense system, you can rely on the AirShield wireless security platform to constantly monitor and protect wireless networks from malicious or unauthorized activities.

Through patented AI wireless machine vision, the AirShield wireless airspace defense system will protect and secure mission-critical applications like GPS, Cellular/CBRS, broad-spectrum IoT, and Wi-Fi from emerging new threats.

Securing your company in 2024.

Defending Businesses Against Wireless Airspace Threats.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Threats - Broad-spectrum DDoS, botnet recruitment, firmware exploitation, and MitM attacks.
Impacts - Network infiltration via compromised devices, disabling crucial systems through botnet activity.


Threats - Signal jamming, fake cell tower simulators, and SMS phishing.
Impacts - Loss of cellular connectivity and security breaches through phishing, malware distribution, or hijacking.


Threats - GPS spoofing, jamming, and signal blockage.
Impacts - Incorrect navigation data, disruptions in logistics and positioning, and delayed response times.


Threats - Deauthentification, rogue access points, password cracking and signal jamming
Impacts - Data exfiltration or interception via rogue networks and MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) attacks.


Threats - Tampered hardware and counterfeit products/chips have found their way on to the motherboard via the supply chain, creating new exposure states. 
Impacts - EMI attacks can also covertly exfiltrate sensitive information or intellectual property from your organization.

To mitigate risk, we recommend implementing the following strategies:


Comprehensive Security Monitoring

Implement network-wide surveillance to detect unusual traffic and patterns across all wireless frequencies.


Encryption and Authentication

Strengthen authentication mechanisms and use strong encryption across wireless communication protocols.


Staff Training

Educate employees about phishing, rogue access points, and secure usage of port IoT devices.

Physical Security

Restrict physical access to critical infrastructure, deploy advanced surveillance systems, enforce multi-layered authentication, and conduct regular security audits to prevent unauthorized entry.

It's crucial to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of your business, and implementing these mitigation strategies will help to prevent potential cyber attacks and keep critical infrastructure safe and secure.

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Securing Businesses: The Need for Wireless Airspace Defense


Wireless airspace defense is a proactive and comprehensive strategy designed to protect the airspace around your business or facilities from unauthorized or malicious wireless activities. This defense system, powered by customized software-defined radios, is always on guard, ready to detect, monitor, and respond to threats targeting mission-critical wireless networks/signals.

Why You Need Wireless Airspace Defense 


Increased Wireless Threats

Blind Spots in Traditional Security

Data Integrity and Privacy

Operational Continuity

Compliance and Safety

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