Free IoT Broad Spectrum Wireless Assessment
Assess your wireless IoT risk, rank threats in order of severity, and automate incident response.

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Right now, can you answer the following 3 questions about your business technology environment? 

  1. What wireless systems and devices, regardless of frequencies and protocols, are out there operating in and around my environment?

  2. What is the behavior of all of these on and off-network devices, and are we compromised via wireless right now?

  3. Are there any rogue cell towers out there trying to phish my cellular devices through their fake cell towers?

With LOCH, you will. 

Customers who are interested in answering these questions and mitigating wireless risk within their environment can sign up for our free, no-obligation IoT broad spectrum wireless assessment. 

LOCH will provide an AirShieldTM sensor to complete this non-intrusive assessment. The AirShield sensor will not impact any network settings, as it connects to our threat analytics platform via LTE back-haul, and will not see or collect any sensitive or private data.

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